Our Services

Freight – Delivery Logistics​

  • Companies often lack time, personnel, technology & know how
    in order to properly manage all aspects of delivery logistics.
  • Service Compliance
  • Supply Chain Management & Optimization
  • Freight & Fuel Negotiation
  • Telephone consultation with Auditor – no more than 20 minutes
    “Is there a better, less expensive way…….?”
  • David Finkel, ERA

Utilities, Telecommunications & Mobile Devices

Utilities & Telecommunications

  • Electric, Gas, Water & Telecommunications
  • Questions:
    Are your utility bills correct? Who checks them for accuracy?
    Do you or staff have the necessary time, expertise & technology to monitor these expenses?
  • Services:
    We will analyze 24 months of utility bill history for possible errors, refund opportunities and proper application of rates. We help secure refunds and will propose future alternatives.

Mobile Devices

  • Review Account for Overcharges & Errors
  • Submit Proposal & Recommendations to Client
  • Optional Prospective Management Available
  • You do not have to change carriers or phones

Utilities & Telecommunications

  • Copy of Bills for 1 Month
  • Letter(s) of Authorization

Mobile Devices

  • Last 3 months of cell phone bills (Available in PDF format on carrier website)
  • Letter(s) of Authorization

Utilities & Telecommunications

  • Expense To Profit

Cell Phones

  • Analysis Partners

Cost Segregation & Tax Specialty Services

  • Provide turn-key tax solutions to CPAs and businesses
  • Focus exclusively on value-added tax services that complement your traditional tax and accounting practice, delivering quantifiable benefits to clients
  • Access to our knowledge base and experienced industry leaders
  • Determine which tax programs benefit your clients
  • Building depreciation schedule
  • KBKG Tax Specialists

Workers Compensation

  • Examine Past Claims & Reserves for Accuracy
  • Recalculate Premium Audits Based on Experience
    Modifier(Emod) Revisions
  • Analyze Severity of Claims for Accuracy & Impact on Emod
  • Negotiate Reserves with Carrier
  • Investigate Fraudulent Claims
  • Identify, Correct Errors & Submit Favorable information to Rating Bureau
  • Obtain Return of Premiums & Refunds for Client
  • All Refunds are Paid directly to Client – Client pays Auditor
  • Declaration pages – workers compensation policy
  • Letter(s) of Authorization
  • Analysis Partners

Merchant Processing Fees

  • Dissect and analyze every fee on your merchant account
  • Identify all viable savings tactics, re-classifications, and hidden discounts.
  • Implement these savings for you, to your existing merchant account.